Brief biography

Brief Biography

Brief Biography

Johnny Serra is an accomplished Audio Engineer, graduating with honors from Taller de Arte Sonoro (TAS) in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1998. With a diverse background in the professional audio industry, he has excelled in sales, P.A., dubbing, acoustic design, music production, and music arrangement. However, his true passion lies in the art of recording and mixing. Collaborating with a wide range of talented national and international artists and producers, Johnny runs his own highly regarded studio, "Estudios Backstage," which he co-designed with his partner, Victor Morón.

Before his career as an Audio Engineer, Johnny spent three years studying classical piano and pop guitar, laying a solid foundation for his musical journey. To stay at the forefront of evolving technology, he actively engages with the Audio Engineer Society (AES) and holds certifications from renowned international audio authorities such as Digidesign (AVID).

Johnny's approach to music production revolves around the belief in cultivating each artist's unique sound. He understands that every song possesses its own essence, and he strives to capture its true spirit while emphasizing the emotions and intentions of the musicians involved. Through his expertise, he weaves together harmonious compositions, resulting in a seamless and perfectly orchestrated final product.

With extensive experience across various Venezuelan music styles, Johnny has honed his skills as a Mixing Engineer, infusing each project with his distinct personal touch. He draws inspiration from country-pop and rock-pop genres, particularly inspired by the renowned sound of Nashville and the captivating presence of vocals. Johnny's commitment to achieving a natural and acoustic sound sets him apart, avoiding excessive reliance on digital processing.

In 2013, Johnny assumed a leadership role at Estudios Backstage LATAM alongside Victor Morón, propelling the studio into the dubbing and subtitling industry for television, movies, and video games.

In 2018, driven by a desire to explore new horizons, Johnny relocated to the United States and founded "The Sound Enclave," his personal startup dedicated to Audio Post and Web Development. Combining his passion for sound engineering and web technologies, Johnny embarks on this new chapter, aiming to deliver exceptional audio experiences and innovative web solutions.


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