Brief biography

Brief Biography

Brief Biography

Audio Engineer, graduated, in the 1998, as one of the best students of his class in the Taller de Arte Sonoro (TAS), Caracas - Venezuela.

Since then, he have been working on several fields in the professional audio industry, as sales in audio shops, P.A., dubbing, acoustic design, music production, music arrangement and specially, recording and mixing, with a wide list of national and international artist and producers, in his studio "Estudios Backstage", that was designed between him and his business partner Victor Morón

Before his career as Audio Engineer, he studied 3 years of classical piano and pop guitar. Actually. and given the speed of the technology evolution, Johnny Serra keep himself on the edge as an active member of the Audio Engineer Society (AES), and getting certified by International Audio Authorities, like Digidesign (AVID). * click on the icons below 

I believe and work in the artist behalf, developing his own sound. Each song have it own essence, each artist his own mark, thats why, when i produce, record or mix a song, i seek to expose in the final track, the true spirit of the song and highlight, as much as possible, the feeling and intention of each musician and singer involved on it, as a whole perfectly orchestrated

The music is a global language, in that sense, each music style have it own essence. As a Audio Engineer, i have mixed in almost all the known Venezuelan music styles, but in the same way the music have it own essence, the Mixing Engineer, have it own as well, and based on that, is where the Engineer personal seal is born.

I am greatly influenced by the country-pop and rock-pop music, the world famous sound of Nashville and the vocal presence. Personally, I am the kind of engineer that seek for a more natural and acoustic sound without abuse of the digital processing.

Additionally to his dedication to the music industry, Johnny have explored in other technological fields, founding, with his business partner Ricardo Lyon, a successful Web Solution Company, Tecnología JRWebmasters C.A., developing ideas in the world of the internet, web pages, hosting management and 3D modeling in online multi user environments. 

Since 2013, he is in front of Estudios Backstage LATAM as along with his business partner Victor Moron, leading the studios into the dubbing and subtitling industry for television, movie and video games, specially in charge of the the IT division and developing web portals aimed to the dubbing industry like Locutores Venezuela and specially Dubbing Desk ©,  a web app that has become the heart of the company workflow as well for other famous dubbing houses as VC Medios.


Estudios Backstage Audio Engineering Socierty Latin Grammy Certificado Protools 110 Latin Grammy Certificado Dubbing Desk JR Webmasters Locutores Venezuela